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Anon Ymous

Wed Apr 8 20:16:17 2020
<9e126bf3> we still have half a year for stuff to happen… crazy
<8f79fcda> They (the dems/commies) can’t risk an actual war because trump will def get reelected
<8f79fcda> especially since he didn’t declare the war
<9e126bf3> They want the economic depression though
<8f79fcda> yea
<9e126bf3> and that itself could lead to war
<8f79fcda> so it’s going to be on economic grounds
<9e126bf3> yup
<8f79fcda> sob story anecdotes about hospital bills for chinaids
<9e126bf3> if the economy restarts in a month with minimal problems even as people try to sabotage would be a hole in one… i bet it is possible
<8f79fcda> yea
<8f79fcda> flash point iran/turkey/syria?
<9e126bf3> yeah something big has to blow up now
<8f79fcda> oil prices are low – china hasn’t exactly been brought to heel
<8f79fcda> maybe the bernie sandernistas will try to start some shit
<8f79fcda> i think the dems are going to lean more on mail-in ballots
<8f79fcda> def something to make the redcaps look bad
<9e126bf3> how is the no voter ID crowd planning to handle mail-in ballots? total scam about to happen
<8f79fcda> lol what if they spiked gavin newsome for president?
<8f79fcda> yea, that’s a big deal
<8f79fcda> at this point, maybe the virus will “magically re-emerge” just like the regular flu
<8f79fcda> giving dems more reason to reeee about mail-in
<9e126bf3> biggest babies on the fucking planet
<9e126bf3> so easy to manipulate
<8f79fcda> that’ll carry the news cycle for a few weeks in october
<8f79fcda> brokered dem convention… i give about 30% now – but they’ll wait for 2 months prior so they have enough lead-time for advertising and slasher ad campaigns
<8f79fcda> meteoric rise of bitcoin -&gt; end of petrodollar (even though that happened over a year ago when the fed took O&amp;G out of the balance sheet for USD calculation)
<8f79fcda> what kind of false flags will come up
<5547a085> I think so too, people are just bored with all this half assed show, biz as usual and a star last inning is an American story
<8f79fcda> the chinaids gave credence to trump’s immigration policy
<8f79fcda> so he can still rail on that
<8f79fcda> so, they want hyperinflation to happen
<8f79fcda> that’s the target ^
<5547a085> Negative, they are useless faggots, if you plug your ears they are easily ignored
<8f79fcda> which is a precurser to war
<9e126bf3> yup
<8f79fcda> looks like we should all spend our gainz on american-made goods and companies 100%
<5547a085> Mail-in will never happen, it’ll just be ballot intimidation and fear mongering, the bravest will vote
<8f79fcda> yea, def intimidation
<8f79fcda> i like the “ink fingers”
<5547a085> If you can keep good mental health and budget your finances for the remainder of the year, you will win
<8f79fcda> so when you vote, they put a relatively permanent ink on your finger to show you voted
<5547a085> In TX we show a drivers license
<8f79fcda> sure sure – but like… that’s rayciss
<5547a085> Trix are for kidz

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