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Anon Ymous

Thu Mar 5 18:19:51 2020
<8f79fcda> So they admit it’s war
<8f79fcda> “Thanks like thanking an arsonist for putting out their own fire”
<8f79fcda> here’s a doozy:
<8f79fcda> &gt; *<|Aaron Drucker>*
&gt; <|@DruckerAaron&gt;
&gt; ·
&gt; <|1h>
&gt; Replying to <|@YanzhongHuang&gt;
&gt; China could just stop subsidizing its drug manufacturing industry and let re-shoring occur.
&gt; BTW, the U.S. can stop exporting ammonia and fertilizer to China and China’s agricultural system could collapse in starvation.
&gt; Globalization works both ways.
— Aaron Drucker (@DruckerAaron) | Twitter
— The latest Tweets from Aaron Drucker (@DruckerAaron). Energy, history, macro, and some LNG. Connecting dots
— Yanzhong Huang (@YanzhongHuang) | Twitter
— The latest Tweets from Yanzhong Huang (@YanzhongHuang). Sr. Fellow for Global Health at @CFR_org &amp; Prof at Seton Hall’s School of Diplomacy. All opinions are my own. Retweets and follows are not endorsements. New York, NY
<8f79fcda> #MCSA Make China Shithoe Again

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