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Anon Ymous

Wed Jan 15 01:02:05 2020
<21c2e595> gracias <@U03A64PPM>
<21c2e595> is it real?
<8f79fcda> Let’s see how happy Amanda mgoverns Twitter is
<5547a085> I made an account on FTX this week too
<5547a085> I have a short list on my laptop of other margin enabled exchanges, will post when I get home there’s about 4 of them
<21c2e595> i mean its 99.9% certain wright is not satoshi. the amount of btc he submitted for discovery is just so that other guy can take half pretty much.

craig be pumping to pay them fees boooiii!
<21c2e595> lawyers aint cheap
<5547a085> That Maya Angelou quoting slanderin’ son of a bee string lol
<5547a085> The Maya Angelou quote was the most notable aspect of the whole kickoff 8 months ago
<5547a085> Quote her to your foes and you know that person *means business* lol

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