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Anon Ymous

Wed Jan 15 01:19:00 2020
<58f4c611> The document is real but we have no crypto proof. Correct me if I am wrong, but they are saying he successfully ‘unlocked encrypted file’. So whatever that means. Still no signature but he based on this it seems he has the courts convinced he has decrypted a wallet containing bitcoin
<58f4c611> <@U8F8V823B> ^
<21c2e595> ya and the ‘key slice’ lol its likely just a wallet they set up when they started mining that stored the coins. it has nothing to do with the satoshi wallet i would guess

<21c2e595> the judge could rule that he just has to pay him the cash equivalents and the btcs that might be there would never have to move. if the judge indeed orders half of the assets and the amount is over 4billion, then we know he was at least close to satoshi. until then, grab some :popcorn:
<21c2e595> haha 16k addresses… geez

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