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Anon Ymous

Sun Jan 5 11:20:33 2020

<403e98f2> They can hack for years. Look and snoop for years. They only need to be right once.
<403e98f2> I think history will look back at us as over confident. I hope I&#8217;m wrong.
<403e98f2> Also on Twitter it angers me. Everyone is laughing like &#8220;that&#8217;s the best you can do&#8221;. It&#8217;s not a fucking revolver with only three shots. we don&#8217;t even know if it was Iran itself or it&#8217;s proxies. Also it&#8217;s a damn attack on the federal gov. And people laugh bc it&#8217;s a library. It&#8217;s still a federal depository library program.
<403e98f2> China Russia and Iran have naval games right now. Yes they defaced a website but what else did they slip in? Again we don&#8217;t know. Yet it took 5 years and we still don&#8217;t know how China got in or if they are still inside the same ibm hp and 14 other companies guys.
<403e98f2> Iran&#8217;s name may public enemy number one with proxies. But don&#8217;t forget that Iran is under the thumb of China. This may not be a proxy war against China but it may be

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