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Anon Ymous

Sun Jan 5 11:35:10 2020
<403e98f2> Oh and trump spent the day at the golf club. Dude needs to be in the situation room or damn close to it
<403e98f2> Remember a journalist from 3k miles away was able to do this. &lt;|;
Iran can get someone already in America to follow a secret service member home and take his kid hostage. Shit like that.

— Twelve Million Phones, One Dataset, Zero Privacy
— What we learned from the spy in your pocket.

<403e98f2> We aren&#8217;t bulletproof like people think. Whatever happens we must do it quick or else we will see narley shit go down. Stuff us westerns wouldn&#8217;t have thought of. The data is there for the taking.
<403e98f2> Thanks surveillance capitalism. Thanks ad based internet. Giving the ammo away

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